Annual pressure testing

For dry risers this normally entails connecting the inlet to a pump and water supply. The system is then completely charged with water to a pressure of 10 bar measured at the inlet for a period of at least 15 minutes. During this period an inspection is made to ensure that there is no leakage of water at any of the joints or landing valves. Once the pressure test is completed the system must be drained so that it is left ready for immediate use. In the event of system failure due to inability to hold pressure for the recommended 15 minutes at 10 bar (at the inlet), a retest will be required.

For wet risers there are additional checks on cleanliness of storage tanks, booster pumps and associated mechanical and electrical equipment.

Six-month visual inspection


  • All valves open and close, leave close (checking strap and lock if required)
  • All outlet washers
  • For damaged and missing blank caps and chains
  • That all hand wheels and nuts are undamaged and in place
  • Landing outlets are free moving and undamaged
  • The inlet cabinet and door for corrosion
  • The inlet breeching valve springs and rubbers are free moving and in good condition
  • The cabinet glass
  • All required signage is present and correct

Maintenance and remedial repairs

  • Replacing outlet washers
  • Repair or replace valves (replace strap and lock as necessary)
  • Replace blank caps and chains
  • Repair or replace hand wheel nuts
  • Repair or replace landing outlets
  • Replace the inlet cabinet and door
  • Repair the inlet breeching valves springs (and replace rubbers as necessary)
  • Replace cabinet glass
  • Supply dry riser signage to all floors (as necessary)



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