Health & Safety Practitioners

We aim to provide honest and practical solutions to the health and safety needs of your organisation without the jargon or red tape, to assist you in compliance with health and safety law and provide a safer, more productive environment.

We recognise that both small and large companies require individual solutions to the specific needs of their organisation. We can provide a managed service, or if you wish, we can provide a part-managed advice and support service.

We at M&P Fire Protection have a wide range of experience and skills, from fire and rescue officers to competent health and safety practitioners, with an understanding of current health and safety legislation and how to apply this law to your business in a practical, efficient way that is specific to your needs.

As an employer, you are required to follow health and safety law to ensure that your workplace environment is safe and that the regulations are followed accurately.

Feel free to contact us. We are friendly, approachable and will offer a very competitive quote for your risk assessment.

Here’s a 10-point summary of what you need to do:

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